“White collar service in a blue collar industry. UB Commercial is the most professional roofing company I have ever worked with.”

Mark V.

Regional Property Manager, Columbus, OH

Trusted Columbus Commercial Roofing Co.

UB Commercial is a full service Columbus based commercial roofing company specializing in roof repairs, roof evaluations and roof replacements. We pride ourselves on our gorgeous, resourceful roof design.

Our team of roofing experts has an extensive track record in the construction, consulting and roofing industry.

We take pride in providing solutions that meet our clients business objectives. If you are interested in working together, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Columbus Roof Evaluation

Roof Evaluations

Keep your roof from surprising you. Commercial Roofing is a complex science. Our reports show you the condition of your roof in a simple, useable format. Contact us for an example.

Columbus Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Imagine your roof alive and thriving. The best way to get the most out of your commercial roof is to repair it. Let us help you keep water out and extend the life of your roof.

Columbus Roof Replacements

Roof Replacements

Offering you premium warranties. Getting the best warranty on your new commercial roof is important. We offer elegant roof designs with industry leading warranties.

Columbus Technology roofing collide

UB PassPortal

Technology & Roofing collide. UB PassPortal is the best roof management software in the industry. Simply put, it makes your life easier. Contact us for a quick, online tour.

Roof Repairs: Designed To Fit Your Budget

A perfect example of how our roof repairs save you money and preserve your roof can be seen in this video. This wall had been leaking for years and the problem was only getting worse. We closely examined the wall and posted a short video on UBPassPortal to explain why the roof leak was occurring. Roof replacements can be expensive but we pride ourselves on only replacing a roof when it actually needs it. If a roof repair can add life to your roof, save your company money and stop your roof leaks then that is what we will do. 

Discover Our Passion

We believe there are three core principles for being a great Commercial Roofing Company. Be accurate in determining the source of your roof leak. Provide you with a solution that is lasting & fits your financial plan. Use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship when making roof repairs or performing roof replacements. Commercial Roofs are a vital part of any business. We take the responsibility of keeping you leak-free seriously. Contact us today.

Commercial Roofing & Roof Repairs

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