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Comprehensive Commercial Roofing Solutions in Columbus

Serving a 3-hour radius around Columbus, UB Commercial is your trusted partner for all commercial roofing services. Our technicians focus on finding the best solution for your needs. From repairs to replacements, we ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

Repair Services

When roof replacement isn’t the best option, you can rely on our exceptional repair services that extend your roof’s life and defer capital expenses. Our technicians:

  • Pinpoint the source of leaks and recommend cost-effective,
    long-lasting solutions
  • Provide photos of completed roof repairs for transparency
  • Offer alternative solutions if the leak isn’t related to the roof

Instant Service

Service agreements authorize us to perform up to a certain amount of work while billing time and material.


Select Service

We provide a proposal format for roof repair solutions, and clients can choose which work they prefer to be performed.


Emergency Response

Receive a swift response with a team of two arriving within an hour in Columbus, prepared to stop the leak and mitigate any damage caused.


Commercial Roof Replacement

When a repair isn’t enough, our world-class roof systems are custom-tailored to your business goals. You can expect:

  • Excellent communication throughout the roof replacement process
  • Premium warranties from trusted manufacturers
  • Strong dedication to Columbus and the surrounding communities


Comprehensive Evaluations

Our HAAG certified technicians offer one of the most comprehensive evaluations in the industry:

  • Geo-targeting and aerial photography to identify leaks and areas
    for repair
  • Comprehensive roof condition assessment reports
  • Assistance in planning timelines for repair or replacement

Use Our Expertise

To Save Time & Money

When you choose UB Commercial, you gain access to valuable resources:

  • Accurate budgeting based on evaluations
  • Leak location and reduction strategies
  • Assistance with insurance claims

Essential Roof Management:

UB PassPortal

Our industry-leading roof management software and costing database are designed to help you make informed decisions about your roof systems. Features include:

  • Roof portfolio management
  • Secure company login
  • Real-time budget matrix


What is the Prime Program

Join the Prime Program to experience the full suite of services:

  • Annual inspections
  • Remote storm management
  • Priority storm response
  • Contractor coordination
  • Roof load monitoring
  • Roof access charting and training

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