Roof replacement is not always the best option. Replacing a Commercial Roof can be expensive and cause interruptions to your business. Roof repairs can extend the life of your roof and defer capital expenses. We take pride in analyzing where your leak is coming from and performing roof repairs that make sense and stop roof leaks.

Our professionally trained technicians understand moisture migration and take pride in discovering the source of your roof leak. Once we find the roof leak we will show your exactly what we believe the proper roof repair is to stop the water from coming in. After we make our roof repairs, you will get photos of the roof repairs that were made.

If we find that your leak is not due to a roof related issue, we will tell you that as well. We care about keeping your property leak free and we can’t wait to show you how good we are at stopping your the leak in your roof.

Instant Service

This will be a service agreement in which we are authorized to perform work up to a certain amount while billing time & material.

Select Service

We will show what we believe should be fixed on the roof in a proposal format and the client can select which work they want to be performed.

Emergency Response

We will have a team of two out to the property within an hour (in Columbus), they will be authorized to attempt to stop the leak at all cost & they will stick around to help mitigate the damages due to a leak.



    What happens when you call us?
    • Tell a friendly professional what’s going on with your roof.
    • Schedule a day for us to come evaluate your roof system.
    • Let us know how you like to be billed.

    What happens when we arrive?
    • Evaluate the inside of your building to identify where it’s leaking.
    • Get up on the roof and begin diagnosing the source of the leak.
    • Send you an estimate. Most of the times right from your roof top.
    • Make any emergency repairs you approve.
    • Take after photos.

    How do you know what kind of repairs were made?

    You are going to get a report that shows the repairs that were made. We will even give you a unique log in and password to UB PassPortal so you can reference it at any point.

    How does our pricing work?
    1. Need an estimate? We understand that. We will send you a proposal for the work to be performed. Once you authorize the work, we will get started as soon as possible.
    2. Want to set a Not-To-Exceed Limit? Not a problem. We have put technology in place to allow our field technicians to know what your expectations are.
    3. Need work performed that same day? With UB PassPortal you can sign on site (or over email) and receive a copy of the authorization in your email box immediately.