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At UB Commercial, we pride ourselves on providing the best commercial roof repair in Columbus and a surrounding three-mile radius. We are sensitive to the urgency of the issues you face, so every step of the process is geared to providing the fast, effective, and lasting commercial roof repair you need. From the quote to the completed project, you can expect first-class treatment from the team at UB Commercial. Request a quote online or contact us at (877)746-4822 for a complete commercial roofing quote in under two hours!



Roof replacement is not always the best option. Replacing a commercial roof costs much more than a repair and can lead to significant profit loss caused by interruptions to your business. On the other hand, roof repairs can extend the life of your roof, defer capital expenses, and drastically reduce or eliminate business interruptions altogether. We take pride in analyzing where your leak is coming from and performing roof repairs that make sense and stop roof leaks.

Minimize Business Interruptions

As a business ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep things moving during operating hours. Interruptions to standard operations can cause massive profit loss, especially if the interruption lasts for a prolonged period, as is common with complete roof replacement jobs. However, with Columbus commercial roof repair from UB Commercial, you can expect a speedy repair with virtually zero interruptions to your business operations.

Save Thousands

A commercial roof repair is the better option because it can save businesses thousands compared to complete replacements. A repair takes fewer materials and less time than a total replacement, so it is often the best option when a repair is feasible. Repairs are also the best way to prevent future structural damage caused by unrepaired leaks and the hefty bill they bring.


When you choose UB Commercial, you can count on nothing going undetected. Our comprehensive roof evaluations are some of the most thorough in the industry. Our expert team uses the latest in aerial photography and geotargeting to provide clients with a mapping of their roof, complete with a detailed analysis and list of possible solutions.

We walk you through every aspect of your roof evaluation and help you determine the most affordable and effective solution for your particular situation. We can generally fix the problem with a simple commercial roof repair, but we may recommend a partial or complete replacement if we find significant damage during the evaluation. On the opposite note, if we find that your leak is not due to a roof-related issue, we will also tell you that.



The goal at UB Commercial is to provide exceptional commercial roof repairs to as many Columbus business owners as possible. Our expert technicians have years of experience repairing and replacing all kinds of roofs. From steep metal roofs to low-slope roofs and rubber Duro-Last roofs, you can count on UB Commercial for the complete Columbus commercial roof repair you need.

Don’t let a roof leak get out of hand; our professionally trained technicians understand moisture migration better than most and can quickly discover the source of your roof leak. Contact UB Commercial at (877)746-4822 or contact us online for a complete roof repair quote in less than two hours!

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