Roof Repair and Replacement

If you need more than just a roof repair, let us design a world-class roof system that is custom-tailored to your business goals. Our fanatical customer service is at the heart of every roof we construct, meaning we will leave you feeling comfortable that the system you’ve chosen will last. Our process ensures that the construction site will be safe and your employees will experience minimal disruptions to keep your business running smoothly.

Excellent Communication

Like any good relationship, communication is key. We take pride in keeping our clients up to date during every step of the roof replacement process. Poor communication can cause issues that cost you money. With UB commercial, you will be emailed a daily build update; you will have the Project Manager’s cell phone number, and you will be informed of any changes to the scope-of-work before they are performed. 

Premium Warranties

We offer the most extensive warranties in the industry from manufacturers who have been in business for over 50 years. We know it’s important for you to keep your warranty active which is why we explain in detail all of the steps you need to take. When it comes to commercial roof warranties, there should be no surprises.

Local to Columbus

We are a local business dedicated to serving the community of Columbus, Ohio. Whether you are replacing 1,000SF or 100,000SF of commercial roofing, we want to help you get the low-slope roof system that best meets your needs. Doing what is right for businesses in Columbus improves life for all of us.




    TPO is the leading commercial roof system installed across America. It’s tough, energy efficient, and price competitive with most other roof systems. When it comes to providing the best performance and coming in on budget, TPO wins.


    PVC is an energy efficient roof system and highly chemical resistant, making it the leading choice for installation over restaurants. Proper PVC installation requires precision and expertise, two things our roofers have plenty of.


    Nearly 65 years ago, EPDM was the first single-ply system to be installed in large quantities. Now, it’s a proven product that has stood the test of time. EPDM is an energy efficient option in cooler climates and has a history of high performance.


    Low Reflectivity

    TPO has been recognized as the clear-cut leader in low-slope (flat roof) installation over the last 10 years. It provides a level of durability, reflectivity, and a warranty uncommon in most commercial roof applications. This is a great choice for building owners who want to purchase a roof system designed to last. There are three primary ways TPO roof systems can be installed:

    1) Mechanically Fastened 

    Mechanically fastened TPO roofs are screwed to the deck over the insulation. This method of attachment provides a quick installation process that passes even the strictest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations. Inspectors can easily verify that the proper number of fasteners were used and certify the installation as warrantable. Labor needed for installation is much less intensive than Fully Adhered TPO Roof Systems, resulting in important cost savings for building owners.

    2) Fully Adhered

    Fully Adhered TPO Roofs are installed by gluing the membrane to an insulating substrate. This process requires both skill and patience. When performed properly, this method of installation provides a perfectly smooth surface that is a work of art. At UB Commercial, we have professionals in-house that can install this roof to exact specifications. 

    3) Induction Welding

     Induction welding is the most recently developed method of installing TPO Roof Systems. First, special plates are installed, then the TPO is welded to them using induction heat. Long-term outcomes are still undetermined, but the short-term results have been very impressive. Although TPO materials can be expensive, the savings on labor for a crew who knows how to install this system can lead to significant savings. Contact us today to get more information.


    PVC has made more strides than perhaps any roof system in history, and it is one of the most relied upon materials in a variety of booming industries. PVC roofs are incredibly resistant to chemicals and that makes it a clear-cut choice for owners of shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, and restaurants.

    Restaurants are notorious for leaching large amounts of sticky grease onto new roof systems, destroying them in a short time. This is not covered under warranty and can be extremely costly. The chemical makeup of PVC makes it nearly bulletproof to corrosion by oils, grease, and gas. With PVC, you’ll get a roof that will last for decades to come under the harshest conditions.

    PVC is heat-welded during installation. By welding all the sheets together the roof becomes a single piece of membrane. This creates a system that is difficult to puncture or tear–a large part of the reason these roofs can be warrantied up to 30 years. UB Commercial is a leading roofing company in Columbus for the installation of PVC commercial roofs.


    EPDM is most frequently referred to as a “rubber roof” and that is an accurate description. EPDM roofs are made of a material with the consistency of a tire. These rubber roofs have been on the market for many years and have proven their worth. There are multiple ways of installing this roof system and their flexibility is surpassed only by their versatility.

    EPDM Roofs are capable of withstanding the harshest of environments without a decrease in performance. They are incredibly flexible and the ability to expand and contract has made them an excellent choice for properties that experience four full seasons. In warm weather they are UV resistant and in cool weather than can contract without stressing the perimeter attachment.

    These roofs can be installed by fully adhering (gluing), mechanically attaching (fastening) or ballasting (weighing them down). With every installation method, it is of utmost importance that the installer knows how to properly bond the seams. Since glue and tape are being relied upon to keep water out, it’s important to install these roofs to manufacturer specifications. UB Commercial crews are properly trained and supervised to make sure every foot of seam is properly installed.