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With UB Commercial, your commercial roof will got through one of the most comprehensive evaluations in the industry. You will quickly see why we are one of the best roofing companies in Columbus, Ohio. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to map your roof and explain every aspect of your commercial roofing system. They are HAAG certified, meaning they have had advanced training in roofing evaluation and inspection techniques. This is especially important if you are filing an insurance claim.



Our full survey includes geo-targeting and aerial photography to identify leaks, potential weak areas, and areas needing repair or replacement. Once the roof inspection is finished, we create a comprehensive roof condition assessment report that lays out the condition of each part of your roofing system and grades it on a scale of A to F. Our technicians will help you create a timeline for roof and leak repairs or even roof replacement.We help you plan ahead to optimize your investment and avoid unnecessary spending, surprise issues, and sudden roof emergencies.

If your roof needs work, we can perform the commercial roof leak repairs necessary. You are under no obligation to hire us to solve your flat roof leaks, as we are happy to counsel your maintenance team on the necessary repairs. We believe that every client and every roof is unique. Our strong commitment to customer service means you are getting the best roof evaluation and roof assessment report available in Columbus, Ohio.

Accurate Budgeting

Advanced knowledge of your roofing system allows you to take control of your capital budget. UB Roof Evaluations will show you how to defer roof replacement costs by preserving the life of your roof. Take control of your roofing costs with a comprehensive timeline and cost projection for emergency repairs, future repairs, and roof replacement.

Leak Location

Knowing you have a leaky roof on your commercial building is not the same as knowing where your leaks are. A UB roof evaluation will pinpoint the exact position of the leak. We take an aerial photo of your roof and show you where we found each leak-point. Have us repair your roof if you like or pass it off to your maintenance team.

Reduce Leaks

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends each building have a roof evaluation twice per year. We have a proven track record of reducing leaks in large buildings. UB Commercial clients see a dramatic reduction in leaks and emergencies.

You Get All This From

Our Roof Evaluations

Your Property Overview
• Verified geometry of your commercial roof.
• Composition of your commercial roof system.
• Video introduction to your commercial roof system.
Our Process
• We survey your commercial roof system for corrosion, poor installation, abuse or weather-related failures and recommended actions required to corrector prevent roof leaks
• We provide photos or videos of the problem areas found on your commercial roof.
• We use geo-targeting which allows for precise documentation of roof deficiencies so problems can be easily found and addressed
• We will discuss what caused these problems, how to prevent them in the future, recommended roof repairs, and budgetary cost of repairing your roof
Condition Statements Includes
• An Overall Condition grade of A through F given for each roof section
• Verification that all flashing, coping, gutters and downspouts are operating prop
• Severe weather damage report and NOAA weather data documenting when it likely occurred
Cost Analysis Includes
• Estimated costs for immediate & future roof repair needs for your commercial roof
• Budgetary replacement costs which take into account the roof replacement that best fits your business and property objectives
• Projections of increases in material, labor, and inflation are accounted for when helping you budget for your roof replacement

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